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Welcome to the Jeff the Car Guy Show...bringing you the very best of the auto industry news, tips and topics.

I was thinking to myself that I have 20 years of experience of all the questions being ask of me all the time from people who are buying, selling and servicing vehicles, tips, trades, and advise. On top of that there are so many great stories coming out of our industry everyday. So, I decided it's time to bring some of those stories out into the airwaves and let people experience and understand what shapes this global industry and how it helps make this country one of the powerhouses in the world.

Now, what does an auto industry guy know about doing radio shows? Absolutely nothing. And I'm not even certain my career itself is interesting, but I will promise my listeners this...I'll always have an opinion about nearly any subject related to this great industry (and other topic). My story is simple...check it out!


Listen to the First Podcast Episode of Our Radio Show!


Segment 1 - EP. 001
In our premier episode we talk about the auto industry, some helpful tips, discover the 6 myths about auto insurance, the General Motors recall story, the controversy surrounding Tesla Motors and news from the auto show circuit. You don't want to miss this premier podcast!

Segment 2 - EP. 001
The GM Recall: It's the big buzz in all of the automotive press.

Segment 3 - EP. 001
Car Insurance: One of those neccessary evils.

Segment 4 - EP. 001
Tesla Motors: It's the car that everyone wants to drive.

Segment 1 - EP. 001
Toyota Motor Sales moves to Texas and news from the New York Auto Show circuit.


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